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BMW has grown into a dynamic force within the international automobile industry. Not only does it manufacture superb sporting family sedans but it also has been a prolific producer of classically beautiful coupes.

In the 1930s there was the BMW 327 and its sibling, the 327/28 that was a rare high performance coupe that is extremely collectable today. Then in the 50s came the classic 503 followed by the 3200CS which evolved into the distinctively styled 2000C and 2000CS coupes. These in turn evolved into the 2800CS, 3.0CS and the famous 3.0CSL “Batmobile.”

The E24 6 Series was released in 1976 and from then until 1989 was available in a number of versions, the ultimate being the M635CSi. This was followed by the most controversial BMW coupe ever, the E31 8 Series which brought the V12 engine to coupe buyers at BMW. And in 2002 BMW released the completely new E63 6 Series coupes to great acclaim. It is these last three coupes that the book BMW Coupes: Legendary Performance, Style Leaders concentrates upon.

Of 304 pages in length, it is hard bound with glossy art paper and an attractive dust jacket. And there is a limited edition leather bound edition of which only 100 copies will be available internationally.

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